Waqf Articles – English

This is a collection of academic papers and case studies on the topic of Waqf in English.

Waqf Articles

A comprehensive list of Waqf articles by academics, researchers and thought leaders.
Article NameDateAuthor
Islamic Research and Training Institute Annual Report 2007Ab. Aziz, Muhammad Ridhwan
Endowments of the Prophet and the Prayers of Some Honorable Companions2017Abd Allah bin Muhammad bin Sa’d Al-Hujaili (Dr.)
A Brief History of Humanitarianism in the Muslim World2009Abuarqub, Mamoun & Phillips, Isabel
Globalization of the sustainable charity2004Abdallah, Tarak (Dr.)
Financing through cash-waqf: a revitalization to finance different needs2013Abdel Mohsin, Magda Ismail
Application of Discretion and Certainties in Waqf vis-a`-vis Trust2020Abdullah, Mohammad
Reflection of Maqa sid al-Shariah in the classical Fiq al-Awqaf2019Abdullah, Mohammed
Current legal issues concerning awqaf in Malaysia2006Abdul Kader, Sharifah Zubaidah Syed (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)
Contemporary Shari’a Compliance Structuring for the Development and Management of Waqf Assets in Singapore2010Abdul Karim, Shamsiah
A Study on Sources Of Waqf Funds for Higher Education in Selected Countries2020Abdul Razak, Dzulzastri et al
Management of waqf estates in Bangladesch2008Ahmad, Mokhter
Management of Awqaf (workshop)Al-Amin Abdallah,Hassan(Dr.)
Wakf in Islamic JurisprudenceAl-Amin Abdallah,Hassan(Dr.)
Divine inheritance laws & social integration of the disadvantaged2010al-Asi, Mohammad (Imam)
WAQF – A sustainable development institution for muslim communities2009Ali, Imtiaz B.
Chivalry2008Al-Jifri, Habib Ali
Estate planning1983Alex.Aiken and Carter
The Islamic Voluntary Sector in Southeast Asia1991Ariff, Mohammed
Takaful Models: Their Evolution and Future DirectionAli, Mohammad Mahbubi
Unleashing the Potential of Cash 'Waqf'2014Ali, Mohammad Mahbubi
Tax Laws Affecting the Waqf in Malaysia: A Comparison with the United States and TurkeyAlias, Tunku Alina
Refereed Biannual Journal Specialized in Waqf and Charitable Activites2018Al Jalahma, Mohammed Abdullah et al
Shari’ah Board, The Task of Fatwa, and Ijtihad in Islamic Economics, and Finance2009Alsayyed, Nidal
The worlds summit on sustainable development2002Al-Sharif, Kamil( Mr.)
Al WaqfUnknown
An introduction to AWQAF in Bangladesh1984Awqaf Bhaban
AWQAF SA Frequently Asked Questions2013Awqaf SA
International waqf conference Southern Africa, Cape Town 
(Developing waqf institutions)
2007Awqaf, IRTI, IDB, KAPF
The Life and Contribution of the Osmanli Scholar, Abu Bakr Effendi, Towards Islamic Thought and Culture in South Africa2000Argun, Selim
Raison d'etre of WAQF; philosophical grounds of Islamic endowment2003Argun, Selim
Kuwait Awqaf public foundation Waqf Experience2007A.R Al Melhem, Kawakeb
Building Your Measurement Framework: Npc’s Four Pillar Approach2014Anne Kazimirski and David Pritchard
Waqf and Disaster Recovery Program2018Anugrah, Danu Putra
Induction Handbook: New Zealand Red Cross2015Aotearoa, Ripeka Whero
Fatwa: Zakah Could be Paid to an Educational Waqf Endowment2010Auda, Jasser
Economics of Philanthropic Institutions, Regulation And Governance in Turkey2011Babacan, Mehmet
Abu Zayd al-Balkhi's Sustenance for the Soul2013Badri, Malik
Norway2016Bangstad, Sindre and Elgvin, Olav
Revealing al-Waqf as a systemic cultural policy of governance2003Belhachmi, Zakia
Religion & Development Aid: The special case of Islam2006Berger, Maurits S.
Waqf as a risk pooling method for the poor and low-income household in funding the healthcare cost2016Binti atan, Nur Atika
Categorization of waqf lands & management using islamic investment models2008Binti Mohd Nor, Norhaliza
A practical guide for implementing the Islamic law of inheritance in South Africa with special reference to Wills1984Bulbulia, M.A.E
Awqaf case studiesCajee, Zeinoul Abedien
The sixth conference of ministers of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs2003
International waqf conference2007Cajee, Zeinoul Abedien
Investing in Endowment(Waqf) Assets: New opportunities for Islamic finance2007Cajee, Zeinoul Abedien
NAFSA (Agenda)2001Cajee, Zeinoul Abedien

Revitalising the Institution of Awqaf  in Developing the  Community  

2007Cajee, Zeinoul Abedien
Nonprofit Board Roles, Unpacked2020Boardable
Between Istanbul and Gujarat: Descriptions of Mecca in the 16th century Indian OceanBurak, Guy
SAI'DA - The Development Agency2001Cajee, Zeinoul Abedien
Corporate governance in islamic financial institutions2002Chapra, M.Umer  & Ahmed, Habib 
The Islamic Vision of Development in the Light of Maqasid al-Shariah2008Chapra, Muhammad Umer 
Awqaf in history & its implications for modern Islamic economies1998Çizakça, Murat (Prof. Dr.)
Nur-Ul-Islam Waqf educational development fund/trustChopdat, R.A(admin.)
From Destruction to restoration? - Islamic waqfs in Malaysia and Turkey2016Çizakça, Murat (Prof. Dr.)
Incorporated cash waqfs & mudaraba, Islamic financial instruments from past to the future?2004çizakça, Murat 
Philanthropic Foundations in Roman/Byzantine and Ottoman Empires: A Study in Continuity and Change: Prepared for the Festschrift for Olga Katsiardi2004Çizakça, Murat (Prof. Dr.)
The British Legislation in Malaya and its Impact upon the Malaysian Waqf System2008Çizakça, Murat
The New Waqf Law Prepared By IDB/IRTI and The Kuwait Public Foundation: A Critical Assessment2013Çizakça, Murat (Prof. Dr.)
The Waqf, its Basic Operational Structure, Development and Contribution2014Çizakça, Murat (Prof. Dr.)
Maqasid al Shari’ahCrane, Robert D. (Dr.)
Effective legal regulations & enabling environment for awqafDafterdar, Hisham 
Waqf Investment: Issues & Challenges2016D'ato, Sudinharon
Lanka to attend waqf seminar1984Deen, H
Islamic Finance_Scalable And Sustainable Funding Source for Social Infrastructure2018Deloitte
Brill Encyclopedia of Islam2002Deguilhem, Randi
Colonial States Claiming Waqf: Reflections on a Transregional Approach, from the French and British Near East to British India2018Deguilhem, Randi
Gender blindness and societal influence in late Ottoman Damascus: Women as the creators and managers of endowments2003Deguilhem, Randi
Women Waqf during the Ottoman Empire2007Deguilhem, Randi
The Waqf in The City2008Deguilhem, Randi
Why Should I Give to You?2016Douglas Shaw & Associates
Status of Waqf properties in Malay majority areas of ThailandDorloh, Sulaiman (Dr.)
Banking for the poor2008Dusuki, Asyraf Wajdi 
Maqaasid al-ShariaEbrahim, Ahmed Fazel 
Administration of the Estate of a Deceased in Terms of South African Law with Provision for Islamic RegulationsEbrahim, Ahmed Fazel
The Muraabahah (Sales At A Profit) Contract According to the Four Major Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence2015Ebrahim, Ahmed Fazel
Administration of the estate of a deceased in terms of South African Law with provision for Islamic Regulations2017Ebrahim, Ahmed Fazel
Ethis Islamic Crowdfunding Report Vol. 22019Ethis Crowd
Relationship between waqf institution in islamic law & rule of law in Middle EastEsmaeili, Hossein (Dr.)
Social giving among South AfricansEveratt, David  & Solanki, Geetesh 
Vakif administraton in sixteenth century Konya
(Zaviye of Sadreddin-I Konevi)
Farooqhi, Suraiya
The Social Consequences of Participating in the Ethnic EconomyFong, Eric  & Ooka, Emi 
Chinese Ethnic Economy in TorontoFong, Eric  & Ma, Ambrose 
Awqaf in Mamluk Bilad as Sham2009Frenkel, Yehoshua
The One-Straw RevolutionFukuoka, Masanobu 
The Need for Shari’ah-Compliant Awqaf Banks2020Gabil, Hanan et al
Historical formation of the waqf function in the arab societies2001Ghanim, Ibrahim El -Bayoumi (Dr.)
Waqf Workshop - Georgetown University in Qatar2016Georgetown University in Qatar
Mauritius Protected Cell companies Act1999Government Gazette of Mauritius
Malaysia waqf serves foreign students2007Halim Taib, Abdul
Profile on Mrs Ayesha Lockhat, wife of the founder Hajee A.M.Lockhat Wakuff2007Hansa, Hajra
The Experience of the Muslims in South Africa2019Haron, Muhammed
Turning Modes of Production Inside Out2006Graeber, David
Management of waqf, past, and presentHahimi Ali, Sharafat(Dr.)
South Africa & Turkey in an era of Globalization2011Haron, Muhammed 
Islamic Law of PropertyHasan, Zulkifli (Dr.)
Developing a New Framework of Waqf Management2018Hassan, Norizan
Identity Construction in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The Case of the Muslim Community2012Hassan, Rania
Financing the Development of Waqf Property2007Hanefah, Hajah Mustafa Mohd (Prof. Dr.)
Case Studies of Shariah Governance Practices in SingaporeHasan, Shabana .M and Duriat, Fazrihan
Muslim Philanthropy & Social Security: Prospects, Practices, and PitfallsHasan, Sami 
The Life of Muhammed (Allah's Peace and blessings be upon Him)Hykal, Muhammed Husayn
Waqf studies in the Twentieth Century; The state of the artHoexter, Miriam
Al-Qard al-Hasan: A Practical ApproachHossein, Mohammad Delwar
The Imperative for Re-Orientating the Ummah for Effective Zakat and Waqf Administration In Yorubaland, NigeriaIbrahim Adebayo, Rafiu (PhD)
Juristic Decisions on Some Contemporary Issues2010IFA Publications
Waqf Accounting & The Construction of AccountabilityIhsan, Hidayatul  & Adnan, Muhammad Akhyar 
Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance -Global Perspective on Islamic Finance2015International Association of Islamic Banks Karachi, Pakistan
Waqf Endowment2003ISESCO
Legal bases for Al-Waqf in NigeriaIshola, Abdullahi Saliu (LLB;LLM;PhD;BL)
Comparing the Effectiveness of Waqf and English Charitable TrustsIslamic Relief Academy
Islamic Research and Training Institute Annual Report: 1427h 2006-20072007Islamic Research and Training Institute
Waqf: A BibliographyIslahi, Abdul Azim (Dr.)
Baitul Mal and Legal Constraint: Public Wealth Management in Malaysian ContextIsmail, Abdul Ghafar
The revival of the institution of waqf in Sudan2005Ismail Abdel Mohsin, Magda
Career Opportunities for Mirath and Wasiyyah professionals under the Nigerian LawIshola, Abdullahi Saliu (LLB;LLM;PhD;BL)
Viability of Cash Waqf Models under Nigerian Law: An AppraisalIshola, Abdullahi Saliu (LLB;LLM;PhD;BL) et al
Temporary Waqf Model for Islamic Private Retirement Scheme in Malaysia - A ProposalJafri, Faliq Asraf and Noor, Azman Mohd
Knowledge, Work, and Social Welfare as Islamic Socio-Economic Development GoalsJan, Sharifullah et al
Marketing for Not-for-Profit Organisations2000John S Clark and Karen McClelland
Justice ImprisonedJamil, Javed (Dr.)
Trusts and wakfsJoosu Iqbal, Mohomed
"Enhancing University income generation, endowment & Waqf"2016Jusoh, Dato Sedri Idris et al
Fiqhi Issues in the Revival of AwqafKahf, Monzer
Infaq in the Islamic Economic SystemKahf, Monzer 
The role of waqf in improving the ummah welfare2003 Kahf,Monzer
Problems and prospects of AWQAF in Bangladesh: A legal perspectiveKarim, Muhammad Fazlul 
Cultural, Social and Political Roles of Women’s Endowments in Egypt (1900-1952)Khafagy, Riham Ahmed 
Russian Waqf: Traditions and PerspectivesKhabutdinov, Aydar 
The Roles of Ethics in Waqf Management: Case of JawharKamri, Nor Azzah
Cash-Waqf a new financial instrument for financing issuesKhademolhoseini, Majid 
An Analysis of Financial Ratios: The Case of Corporate Waqf in Malaysia2014Khairi, Khairil Faizal
Indian Muslims & Palestinian AwqafKhalidi, Omar 
Islamic Relief Waqf Annual Report- 20112011Khalifa, Heshmat
Integrating Faith-based Institutions in Poverty Reductions StrategiesKhan, Fahim 
Historical Role of Islamic Waqf in Poverty Reduction in Muslim WorldKhan, Muhammad Tariq
Risk Management. Analysis of issues in Islamic financial industryKhan, Tariqullah  & Ahmed, Habib 
Global Review on Volunteering Report2015Konoé, Tadateru
Philanthropy and Equity: The Case of South Africa2005Kuljian, Christa L.
Empowering women paradigms and StrategiesKoya, P (Prof.) et al
Intellectual capital in non-profit organisations: lessons learnt for waqf institutionsLaallam, Abdulkader et al
Financial Management Essentials A Handbook for NGOsLewis, Terry
Practical, Financial Management for NGOsLewis, Terry
Trusts and waqfs1984Lockhat Ebrahim, Suleman
Nature of infaq and its effects on distribution of WealMahmud, Farooq Aziz Muhammad  & ul Karim, Emad 
The Muslim Ummah in South Africa - Perspectives of its Past & FutureMahomed, Ismail (Chief Justice)
Optimization of philanthropic waqf - The need for Maqasid-based legislative StrategiesMahmud, Mek Wok (Dr.)
The institution of WAQF: its religious and socio-economic role and implications1984Mannan, M.A(Dr.)
Proposal for new comprehensive waqf law in MalaysiaMohammad, Mohammad Tahir Sabit Haji 
Tree Waqf Sokoto2018Maidoki, Mohammed Lawal
Women’s Roles as Teachers, Leaders, and Contributors to the Waqf in Damascus2010Meltzer, Julia
The Evaluation Framework for Waqf Land Administration and Management in Malaysia2015Mokhtar, Salbiah
Innovative modes of financing development of waqf propertyMohammad,  Mohammad Tahir Sabit Haji (Dr.)
Family Waqf - Its Origin, Law ProspectsMohsin, Magda Ismail Abdel 
Correlates of Waqf Based Philanthropy in The North West Zone, Nigeria: Implications For Community Development Theory and Practice2013Muhammad, Ibrahim Nuruddeen
Cash Waqf and its Development in the Northern Region of Malaysia2016Muhammad, Joriah
Waqaf disbursement2006President Muis
The dynamics of
Donations and Bequests1984Muslim Youth Movement
Fate of Awqaf in IndiaNadwi, Mohammad Abdullah (Dr)
Exploring Concepts, Jurisprudential Boundaries and Applicability to Contemorary Islamic MicrofinanceNadwi, Mohammad Abdullah (Dr) and Kroessin Mohammed (Dr)
Nedbank-Jaame Waqf foundation1985
Core principles for effective waqf operation and supervisionObaidullah, Mohammad (Dr) et al
A Framework for Analysis of Islamic Endowment (Waqf) LawsObaidullah, Mohammed
Awqāf Development and ManagementObaidullah, Mohammed
Introduction to Socio-Economic Potential of Waqf in Bosnia and HerezgovinaOmercic, Jasmin (PhD)
Waqf Development: The Islamic Development Bank ExperienceObaidullah, Mohammed
Fiqhul Awqaf; scope and application in South Africa2000Omar, M.S
Socio-Economic Potential of Waqf in Bosnia And Herzegovina2018Omerčić, Jasmin (PhD)
Effective legal regulation of waqf in NigeriaOseni, Umar A. 
A Transformative Vision Uniting South Africans in a Socio-Economic Justice Consciousness MovementPatel, Yusuf
Mindful Markets2017Pathom, Nakorn
Waqf and Ottoman welfare policy: the poor kitchen of Hasseki Sultan in 18th century JerusalemPeri, Oded
When do I consider setting up a separate foundation for my giving?2010Philanthropy SA 
Co-operatives in South Africa: Their Role in Job Creation and Poverty Reduction2010Philip, Kate 
From Religious Charity to the Welfare State and Back: The Case of Islamic Endowments (Waqfs) Revival in Egypt2004Pioppi, Daniela
Punjab waqf regulations1966Punjab waqf board
Hanafi Fiqh in India During Delhi Sultanate (1206-1526)Qasmi, Muhammedullah
Bayt Al-Mal and its role in economic development: A contemporary studyRahman, Habibur (Md.)
Muslim attitudes survey: Results analysis2009Rafudeen, Auwais 
Bayt-al Mal and its role in Economic Development: A Contemporary StudyRahman, Habibur (Md.)
Current waqf experiences and the future of waqf institution2003Rashid, Khalid
All of Palestine is holy Muslim waqf land: A myth & its rootsReiter, Yitzhak 
The concept & marketability of islamic trust and cash waqf2004Saat, Siti Hawa 
The Concept and Objective of WaqfSabit, Mohammed Tahir (PhD)
Succession Planning of Family Businesses from an Islamic PerspectiveSaleem, Muhammed Yusuf (Dr) (Prof)
Towards institutional Mutawallis for management of Waqf propertiesSaleem, Muhammad Yusuf 
The First Religious Foundation: WaqfSalih, Munir 
The question of Awqaf under the Afsharids2001Sefatgol,Mansur(Dr.)
Safavid Administration of Awqaf: structure and functions2001Sefatgol,Mansor(Mr.)
To Examine Sustainable Development through the Historical Applications of Foundations2010Sensoy, Fatma
Islamic Gift Economy  (IGE): A brief conceptual outlineSetia, Adi (Dr.)
Operationalizing Islamic values in the sciences through mathematical creativitySetia, Adi (Dr.)
Reintegrating the Legal into the Social: Reviving Islamic Transactional Law in the Context of the Civil Economy, with Special Reference to WaqfSetia, Adi (Dr.)
WAQF & The Revival of the Islamic Gift EconomySetia, Adi (Dr.)
The Diversity Of Waqf Implementations for Economic Development in Higher EducationShaifull Anuar, Ahmad et al
Waqf-Gaining the Trust for Social Economic SustainabilityShah, Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin
Islamic Endogenous LoansShakespeare, Rodney 
Islamic Institutions & Property Rights: The Case of the 'Public Good' WaqfShatzmtller, Maya 
Waqf Khayr in Fourteenth-Century FezShatzmtller, Maya 
Waqf fundraising management: a conceptual comparison between traditional and modern methods in the waqf institutionsShulthoni, Muhammad and Md Saad, Norma
Colloquium & Workshop on the IGESIMCMS  & MRG  & HAKIM  & CI 
Synopsis on Workshop on IGE Macro-ModelSIMCMS  & HAKIM  & CI  & MRG  & IIUM 
Workshop on the IGE Macro-Model (Concept paper)SIMCMS  & HAKIM  & CI  & MRG  & IIUM 
MPL in non muslim statesSiraj (Mufti)
The Great TransitionSpratt, Stephen  & Simms, Andrew  & Neitzert, Eva  & Ryan-Collins, Josh 
Faith in the Voluntary Sector : A common or distinctive experience of religious organisations?Smith, Greg 
Muslim mosques and charitable trusts or wakfs (amendments)1982Parliament of the democratic socialist republic of Sri Lanka
What is Islamic Microfinance?2012Standard, Dina 
A Multicultural Society in the Making2012Stokke, Christian
Critical assessment of Islamic endowment funds (Waqf) literature: lesson for government and future directions2020Sukmana, Raditya (Prof. Dr)
Trust, Foundation and Waqf Development: Emerging of Established Traditions2015 Syed Abdul Kader, Sharifah Zubaidah (PhD)
Miyetti quarterly Law Review, Vol.2, Issue 1, 2017Syed Abdulkader, Sharifah Zubaidah (PhD) and Ishola, Ablullahi (LLM)
Original Manuscript Kitab Al Is'af Fi Ahkam Al Awqaf2018Ṭarābulusī, Ibrāhīm ibn Mūsá
Mapping Africa’s Islamic Economy2017The Economist
Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance2015The International Association of Islamic Banks Karachi
National AWQAF Foundation of South Africa2001The Steering committee
Cash Awqaf in the Ottomans as Philanthropic Foundations & Their Accounting PracticesToraman, Cengiz (Dr.) & Tuncsiper, Bedriye (Prof.) & Yilmaz, Sinan 
Legal and Administrative Analysis of Waqf in Bosnia & HerzegovinaTrakic, Adnan 
Impact of Waqf Institutions on the Social and Economic Development in the Muslim World2003Turgay, A.Uner
Waqf Studies in the Western LanguageUgur, Yunus
Altruistic Economics: A framework for interactions between sympathetic peersUpton, Robin J.G.  & Stock, Rosamund E. 
The idea and practice of philanthropy in the Muslim world2005USAID
Corporate governance of an organisation managing Islamic charitable endowmentsUSB 
Egypt and Syrian in the Fatimid, Ayyubid and Mamluk ErasVermeulen, U et al
The Originality of Qard and its Implication on the Loan Theory: Does Intention Matter?Wan Yussof, Wan Nor Aisyah (PhD) et al
Turkey and South Africa: The Development of Relations, 1860–20052019Wheeler, Tom
Waqf in
Wief-Uitm Occasional PapersWief-Uitm International Centre
Maximizing Social Impact through Waqf SolutionsWorld Bank Group
The 500 who make the Islamic Economy2017World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation (WIEF)
Giving in the way of Allah is a defining characteristic of MuslimsYahya, Harun 
Predicting the Behavioural Intention for Cash Waqf: Evidence from Malaysia and ThailandYusoff, Ruslaina et al
Islamic Microfinance Institutions at a Crossroads2020Zeqiri, Vehbi

Waqf Articles – French

This is a collection of academic papers and case studies on the topic of Waqf in French.

Waqf Articles( French )

A list of Waqf articles in French by academics, researchers, and thought leaders.
Article NameDateAuthor
Les fondations pieuses (waqf) en Mediterranee2010Deguilhem, Randi