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Globalization of the sustainable charityAbdallah, Tarak (Dr.)
Financing through cash-waqf: a revitalization to finance different needsAbdel Mohsin, Magda Ismail
Application of Discretion and Certainties in Waqf vis-a`-vis TrustAbdullah, Mohammad
Reflection of Maqa sid al-Shariah
Current legal issues concerning awqaf in MalaysiaAbdul Kader, Sharifah Zubaidah Syed
(Assoc. Prof. Dr.)
Contemporary Shari’a Compliance Structuring for the Development and Management of Waqf Assets in SingaporeAbdul Karim, Shamsiah
A Study on Sources of Waqf Funds for Higher Education in Selected CountriesAbdul Razak, Dzulzastri et al
A Brief History of Humanitarianism in the Muslim WorldAbuarqub, Mamoun  & Phillips, Isabel 
Management of waqf estates in BangladeshAhmad, Mokhter 
Divine inheritance laws & social integration of the disadvantagedal-Asi, Mohammad (Imam)
Refereed Biannual Journal Specialized in Waqf and Charitable ActivitiesAl Jalahma, Mohammed Abdullah et al
Shari’ah Board, The Task of Fatwa, and Ijtihad in Islamic Economics, and FinanceAlsayyed, Nidal
WAQF – A sustainable development institution for Muslim communities
Ali, Imtiaz B. 
ChivalryAl-Jifri, Habib Ali 
The Islamic Voluntary Sector in Southeast AsiaAriff, Mohammed 
AWQAF SA Frequently Asked QuestionsAwqaf SA 
Religion & Development Aid: The special case of IslamBerger, Maurits S. 
Categorization of waqf lands & management using islamic investment modelsBinti Mohd Nor, Norhaliza 
SA’IDA – The Development AgencyCajee, Zeinoul Abedien
Corporate governance in islamic financial institutionsChapra, M.Umer  & Ahmed, Habib