Free Course – Introduction to Waqf

WAQF STUDIES (Introductory Course)

Welcome to the Waqf Academy  WAQF STUDIES (Introductory Course).

This course was compiled by dedicated scholars and academics to promote the understanding of Waqf (Islamic Charitable Endowments) and its proliferation. The course explores as an introduction, topics such as:  Islam as a comprehensive way of life, the objectives of the Sharia, and the importance of Charity in Islam. This is followed by the core subject of waqf: the meaning and implications of Waqf, its phases and roles, as well as recession and expansion of Waqf movements. The course concludes by explaining the development, dimensions,  and future prospects of Waqf.

The course is completely online.


  1. Sign Up: This course will require you to sign up with your email address, allowing you to access your account at any time.
  2. Duration: The duration of this course is three months and should be completed in the allocated time frame.
  3. Modules: There are five modules that make up this course, each module has different lesson topics that should be completed with the aid of the power point presentation that’s provided.
  4. Examination pass mark: Each module has to be completed with a 80% pass of the relevant Quiz based on the module notes and materials, before going onto the next module.
  5. Certificate: After completion of all five modules, you will be able to retrieve your Waqf Academy Certificate of completion.
  6. Cost: The Waqf Studies (Introductory Course)  is available on a free of charge basis for the time being until further notice.
  7. Entry Requirements: There are no entry requirements. Anyone committed to learning about Waqf may do the course. It would however be more appropriate to adults than to school learners and children.  A special children’s course will be added to the bouquet of courses in the future Inshallah.
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